How to structure your B2B SaaS Startup for Growth?

  • Business Development Team: does outbound prospecting and gets leads on the table.
  • Sales Team: closes the leads and gets contracts and purchase orders on the table.
  • Operations/Delivery Team: makes the project go live.
  • Customer Success Team: helps in product adoption so as to get referrals, upsells, and cross-sells.
  • Product Team: builds the product roadmap and specifications.
  • Engineering Team: develops the product as per the specifications created by the product team.
  • HR Team: keeps team members happy, and brings new talent into the team.
  • Make a list of target accounts to reach out to. In our case, we target Financial Institutions. A list of financial institutions is readily available on Wikipedia and many other sources.
  • Within each account, make a list of the right people to reach out to. For instance, CEO, COO, CTO, VP of Engineering, etc.
  • Use online tools to find contact information. There are a bunch of great tools like EasyLeadz, Lusha, etc.
  • Do cold calling, sending emails, LinkedIn messages, etc., to see if these prospects are interested in our offering or not.
  • Warm up the prospects who are not interested, by sending regular email updates.
  • Showcasing a demo to various stakeholders.
  • Getting the business buy-in.
  • Getting approvals from IT, InfoSec, Legal, Compliance, and Procurement.
  • Getting the signed contract and purchase order from the client.
  • Churn
  • Revenue Retention
  • Upsell Revenue
  • Cross-Sell Revenue
  • Referrals
  • Business Development
  • Sales
  • Operations (Delivery)
  • Customer Success
  • Product
  • Engineering
  • HR




Technology Entrepreneur

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Aman Goel

Aman Goel

Technology Entrepreneur

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